There’s 26 days left until summer, that means chilled drinks are upon us! Here is a refreshing summer-esque recipe that will make even the non-summer lovers begging for more. This sparkler recipe is made with our in-house blend of Farmer’s Market tea, which consists of white peony, ginger root and lemongrass. You can read more about this blend here.

This sparkler recipe does not include any alcohol, so it’s kid-friendly. If you are making the recipe for adults, feel free to add a shot of tequila or gin for a refreshing cocktail!

Brew a pot of tea and reserve 1 cup. Add raw honey to taste, if desired. Allow the tea to get to room temperature then pour over ice in serving glass. Top off with seltzer water (and alcohol, if using) then garnish with a mint leaf and orange slice (optional).

The addition to seltzer is great way to make any iced tea exciting and it will have you dreaming of long summer days. It’s fun to think of all the possibilities of tea and seltzer water!



  • 1 cup of brewed iced tea
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 1/2 cup of seltzer water


  1. Brew 1 cup of Farmer’s Market tea. Add raw honey to taste (optional). Allow to cool to room temperature.
  2. Over ice, pour in the tea and top off with seltzer water
  3. Garnish with mint leaf and orange slice (optional)

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