There’s nothing like the sweet whistle of a tea kettle. The timeless sound is soothing, and one I’m eager to hear every morning. The world of brewing tea can feel overwhelming. There are a ton of different brewing methods and different kettles to use.

When it comes to boiling water for tea, the type of kettle doesn’t really matter. Sure you can get an automatic one with programmed times, or you can boil a pot of water in a saucepan. Either would work perfectly. Personally, I like a good kettle. I find it makes the brewing process much easier. Today I’m sharing some of the best tea kettles under $40.

I hope they’ll steer you in the right direction when you’re looking for your own.

This cast iron tea kettle will last you a lifetime and it comes in four different patterns. It’s definitely my current favorite.

Gooseneck kettles are always great to have on hand, especially when doing a pour over. This is a great one that is also super affordable.

Theres nothing else quite like a glass teapot. They’re so traditional and gorgeous. It’s also really nice to watch how the colors change while your tea is being infused. They’re the best!

Just look how cute this one is!

This one is my favorite under $20. It comes in 9 colors. I absolutely adore this yellow color. Isn’t it cute?

Tea kettles galore! I do think it’s important (and maybe slightly irrelevant) to note that I need to have a whistle on my kettle. I have destroyed not one, but two different tea kettles because I forgot about them on the stove! I’ve learned my lesson, whistles all the way for me. It’s a matter of safety at this point.

Cheers to fire safety, pretty tea kettles and whistles.

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