My absolute favorite tea brand would hands down have to be Smith Teamaker. There are so many reasons why this tea is my favorite. Number one, the tea is absolutely delicious! They source every ingredient and are very transparent about their suppliers, business practices and ethics. Also, their packaging is perfect. I know that’s a very superficial observation, but it’s true. The packaging makes me eager to drink their teas, and I do. This Sunday, I am sipping on Red Nectar. It’s a beautiful blend of rooibos and honeybush. It has a peachy flavor with hints of honey that makes me excited to drink more.

When I first picked up this box of tea, I imagined it would be a great tea for cold weather. I imagined it would be a cozy cabin vibe and perfect for a late winter. In actuality, I felt something completely different when I took my first sip.

I felt summer. I immediately thought of pancakes on an early summer morning and it made me so excited for the seasons to change. I’m not really a summer person so I’m always surprised when I long for the warmer months.

There’s something about sipping a tea that takes you away from reality for a moment. It’s particularly special when it can make you excited about seasons to come. Red Nectar, what a gorgeous blend! What are you sipping on today?

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