Hi there! Today I’m sipping on another one of our in-house hand blended teas. It’s called Petal Blend. It’s a dream in a cup. It is made up of soft and gentle chamomile flowers blended with elderflower and relaxing lavender flowers. It’s gentle enough for bedtime or the start to a calm morning.

As we approach the fourth week of summer, there’s something about this cup I’m sipping on that reminds me to sit back and enjoy this time. Summer is a busy time for us and our town, so it’s easy to forget to enjoy it. I’ve always felt the ritual of drinking tea, or coffee, too, for that matter, forces us to slow down. Do you remember how popular the slogan “But first, coffee” was? I still see people re-posting products and memes with that slogan. I feel the same about tea! People take their morning tea/coffee rituals seriously. It’s such a big part of our culture.

Petal Blend is a common selection for our new customers in the coffee shop. There’s a reason people are drawn to it. It’s because of its renowned ingredients.

What are the ingredients?

I’ve written a lot about chamomile. I can’t help but to love it. It contains beneficial antioxidants and has been used as a stress-reliever and sleep aid for centuries. I think it’s magical. Elderflower is the flower to the elder shrub, which grow alongside its more commonly-known neighbor, elderberries. The flower, along with its berries are prized for their antioxidant properties that help curb seasonal allergies and boost the immune system. Lavender seems to have been trending for decades now, to no surprise. Both the aroma and the taste are so pleasing and they seem to wrap you up in a calmness blanket.

Share your morning ritual down below. Also, do you have a calming ritual?

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