Today I’m taking a trip to a tea shop in Paris with Harney & Sons Paris blend. The aroma is insane! It smells similar to Earl Grey with caramel undertones. It’s how I imagine a small coffee shop in Paris would smell, combined with a florist shop and a pastry shop. So basically, all things beautiful.

It is a complex, medium bodied tea made with black tea, oolong tea, bergamot oil, black currant, caramel with a hint of vanilla. The flavor is fruity with hints of caramel and lemony bergamot. The bergamot oil makes the tea taste like Earl Grey and the oolong gives it a lighter flavor. Think of a lighter Earl Grey and you’ve got Paris. It’s no wonder this is one of Harney & Sons most popular teas, it’s intoxicating!

I like to drink drink this tea when I need a midday pick-me-up. Due to the caramel flavor sweetener isn’t required. It’s perfect just the way it is. I like to add a splash of milk to make it nice and creamy. Overall, it’s a super pleasant tea and I highly recommend it. It’s impossible to get bored with this tea, and its really easy to drink it a week straight. I did!

Once you smell the aroma, it’s hard to get the desire to drink it out of your head. If tea isn’t your thing, I still recommend this blend simply for the aroma alone. Give the smell a try and tell me it doesn’t transport your mind to 1940s France, I dare you!

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

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