It’s my birthday week! This Sunday as I prepare for my birthday this week, I’ll be sipping on my favorite tea, Number 28. It’s a blend we make in-house at our coffee shop and it’s my go-to blend. Number 28 was one of the first blends I created well before our coffee shop came about. It has always been one of our most popular blends.

Only the finest organic red rooibos, honeybush, chamomile, orange peel and lemon peel make up this tea and it’s such a perfect pick-me-up for the Spring season. There’s a natural sweetness to this blend that I love, so sweetener isn’t necessary. Thanks to the chamomile and honeybush, it is super mellow and a great way to sneak some relaxation into your routine.

What is honeybush?

Honeybush is tea that comes from the South African honeybush shrub. It is similar to rooibos, which is also found in South Africa. It has a sweet, full-bodied flavor with a floral, lightly roasted essence, similar to the taste of honey.

This tea is caffeine-free so you can enjoy this blend day or night. Either way, you’ll know that whatever time you chose to imbibe, it’ll be relaxing.

So for those of you with April birthdays, sip something you love and enjoy the beauty of every note.

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