If you travel about 40 miles west of our quaint little New England town, you’ll find East Haddam, Connecticut. Along the Connecticut River, south of the Long Island Sound is a little village in East Haddam called Moodus. Located inside this town is our coffee roaster, Moodus Mud. They are small batch roasters who pride themselves on sourcing only the best coffee while also focusing on sustainability and ethical production and sourcing. We absolutely love them and we hope you do, too!

A little fun fact about Moodus, Connecticut. Not only is it the cutest little village you’ve ever seen. It’s filled with historical colonial buildings and even has an interesting legend about its name. It was originally called Machimoodus by the local Native American peoples who inhabited the area. Machimoodus means “the place of bad noises” because the natives believed these noises were due to an angry god. When the Puritans came, they thought the noises were from the Devil down below. It turns out these subterranean sounds stem from the echoes of micro-earthquakes, which still exist to this day.

When sourcing coffee for our shop, we knew we wanted to source local roasters. It took some time to find Moodus Mud but it was definitely worth the wait! You can read more about them here. They use organic green beans and use ethical business practices, which we absolutely love! They have the most delicious coffee and we wholeheartedly believe they do coffee right.

If you’ve tried our coffee at our shop, what do you think?

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