I feel like now that Spring is finally here, I can get out of my hibernation mode and celebrate that we all survived another winter! That means there are warmer days to come and I’m totally ok with that. Rumor has it there will be no more daylight saving’s time and that puts even more pep in my step! All of this dreaming of warmer weather really put me into a chai mood. Something like… Masala Chai!

I’ve been thinking about freshening up my tea rotation. New season, new flavors, right? I normally make my own chai but I thought it would be nice to switch it up and seek some out instead. This Sunday, I’m sipping on Rishi Tea & Botanicals, they have an awesome Masala Chai and I took full advantage.

This Masala Chai has simple organic ingredients, such as black tea, ginger root, cinnamon and black pepper. The flavor is well balanced and has a subtle spice that can enjoyed without sweetener. My standard for a good chai is that I can enjoy it without a sweetener (sweetened tea isn’t usually my favorite) and with this Masala Chai, a sweetener is definitely not required.

Ok, clearly I’m obsessed with baby’s breath today but here’s one more.

What’s more Spring than fresh baby flowers and spicy chai?

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