This ruby red gem is one of our signature blends at our coffee shop. It’s blended in house and we call it Litha Brew! It is made with organic and ethically sourced chamomile, hibiscus and lemon balm.

It’s one of our most popular year-around blends. This gorgeous red hue makes this tea really difficult to resist and the flavor notes make you want to come back for more.

Litha is the pagan celebration of the summer solstice. In my opinion, this blend screams summer so I thought the name would be fitting. While creating this blend, I wanted to come up with something that tastes and looks like a summer popsicle. I think I nailed it!

Goodbye spring, hello summer! It just so happens that the summer solstice is this Tuesday so appropriately, you can find me sipping on Litha Brew this week.

I prefer this blend over ice. Since my goal was to create a popsicle in a bag, it was always intended to be poured over ice. However, we do have some all-year-around drinkers who consistently order this blend as a hot drink (even in the summer). I love it!

The chamomile creates a relaxed and calming state. Think pool-side sips on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The natural sweetness of hibiscus and the slight lemony hint of lemon balm might make you want to reach for the hooch and make it a cocktail.

What’s your favorite summertime beverage? Do you drink it pool-side? If so, can I come to your pool?

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