Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Today I’m sipping coffee to each and everyone of you. Today’s choice is Hair Bender by Stumptown. Stumptown is definitely one of my go-to coffee companies. It was founded in 1999 in my hometown Portland, Oregon. It was a staple coffee shop for those of us who grew up there and it will always will be forever in my heart. If you’ve never tried it, you must!

Hair bender has complex rich and deep flavors with notes of citrus, dark chocolate and raisins. They source their beans from Indonesia, Latin America and Africa. Its name has a cute backstory, it was the name of a beauty salon that used to exist in the original Stumptown location. They still have the salon’s sign up in their headquarters, how awesome is that? It’s their first original blend and the recipe has not changed since its creation. It also happens to be their go-to espresso in all of their cafes.

I get hints of fudge, toffee and a sliver of cherry. Ok, is anyone else craving a sundae now? Speaking of dessert, I love this coffee after dinner. Let’s call it a pre-dessert coffee. So good!

I really love to drink this coffee iced. It totally reminds me of fudgesicles in the summer. Its natural sweet notes make it enjoyable without milk or sweetener. I’m not sure why this isn’t everyones go-to coffee.

Hopefully you moms out there are enjoying a luxurious spa day then spending the day getting pampered. Don’t forget to reward yourself with your favorite coffee. You deserve it!

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