If you can’t tell by now, I have a chamomile obsession. It’s true. Most mornings I begin the day with chamomile tea. Above all others, I love chamomile. Today I’m sipping on Chamomile Herbal by Harney & Sons. If you’re a chamomile fan, this one is definitely for you.

There are light and delicate floral notes, with hints of apple undertones. The aroma is very similar, it feels like rolling in a chamomile flower patch and I dig it.

Another bonus, chamomile is loaded with antioxidants that may help prevent some diseases. It’s known for improving sleep quality, boosts the immune system and may relieve anxiety and depression due to its calming qualities. If you’ve never tried it, put a chamomile tea bag into the bathtub with you for a gentle bath session

Harney & Sons never seems to disappoint. I have yet to try a product I don’t like. But Chamomile Herbal is definitely my absolute favorite.

Did you know chamomile has been said to attract money? According to traditional folklore, placing chamomile in your wallet will attract money. And the same is also true if you wash your hands in chamomile tea water.

How do you feel about chamomile? Share your favorite tea blend in the comments below so I can give it a try!

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