Black chocolate is an exotic, refreshing blend of intoxicating darjeeling tea, the champagne of teas. Darjeeling tea has a complex flavor profile that is unique only to the Darjeeling District in India. It’s sweet and pleasantly musky while also being crisp and light. Cacao shells, clove and rose petals compliment the darjeeling perfectly!

Black Chocolate is a bold tea, with floral notes and earthy undertones. The spicy flavor of clove lingers until the last drop, blanketed by the gentle rose notes. It’s truly one of a kind. I find it’s a great pick-me-up in the afternoon, but it’s also gentle enough for morning cuppings.

The smell is gorgeous! In my opinion, it smells very similar to its taste. The same spiciness and delicate floral aroma linger in the air while this blend brews. It feels familiar and foreign at the same time. It’s truly a unique cup of tea.

Black Chocolate is the perfect tea for spring. I highly recommend to steep in milk. Milk brings out the subtle nuances that are easy to miss with traditional water. Not to mention, it adds a creamy texture that makes the cup even more perfect!

The contrast of the ingredients have my brain imagining all of the things I can create with this blend. I have honed in on black chocolate sconces and I can’t wait! Check back on Wednesday to see how that turned out.

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