If you’ve never tried Cafe Du Monde, stop everything you’re doing right now and get some! Cafe Du Monde is a traditional New Orleans coffee shop, established in 1862 and it’s definitely a must have on your coffee bucket list. It’s definitely making my Sunday cozier.

They offer their classic coffee and chicory, decaf and French roast. All of them are awesome. If a trip to New Orleans isn’t practical for you, you can order them online. Don’t forget to order the beignets, too!

Take one heaping spoonful of coffee grounds and brew your preferred way. Personally, I prefer then pour-over method because it cuts out any bitterness and in turn you get the true coffee flavor.

I add unsweetened almond milk to my coffee. But I suggest to try the flavor without milk/cream first because the coffee itself is pretty creamy. At the cafe, they serve the coffee Au Lait, which means that its served with half hot coffee and half warm milk. Either way, you’re going to get a perfect cup of coffee with Cafe Du Monde.

Look at that beautiful golden color! Cafe Du Monde is an experience. It feels like I’m drinking a part of history, and I am! Not only New Orleans my favorite city on the planet, but the cafe itself is gorgeous and a staple to the New Orleans hospitality industry.

Happy Sunday! What are you sipping on today?

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