I’m a sucker for kombucha. I love trying new brands and new flavors. I came across Seek North by accident. I had never heard of them so I spent a few moments reading the label and saw that they donate a portion of their proceeds to Lyme disease efforts so I figured, why not?

Seek North is a New York based company who focus on natural wellness. They partner with the non-profit Global Lyme Alliance to the research, education and awareness of Lyme disease. I’m all about supporting businesses with philanthropic values.

There were 4 flavors to choose from and I chose Seek Vitality, its made of holy basil, blue spirulina and white grape. The spirulina gives the kombucha the beautiful blue-green color and contributes to the drink’s beneficial nutrients and properties. It is delicious and I love that it’s organic, its the cherry on top.

The flavor is very subtle and not too pungent like other kombuchas. It’s smooth and whimsical. The whole time I was drinking it, I thought to myself that this would make really good popsicles in the summer.

I’m excited to try their other flavors and maybe try out those popsicles I’ve been fantasizing about.

Happy Sunday!

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