Happy Sunday! This lovely morning I’m sipping on Rose Chai. It’s a popular blend we offer in-house and it’s filled with wonderment! Blended with black tea, cardamom, peppermint and fine rose petals, it’s a great year-around tea and absolutely lovely for this beautiful seasonal transitioning we’re having.

So what is chai anyway? In India it means “tea” but over here in the west, we know it as a beverage with the combination of aromatic spices, milk and sugar. The great thing about chai is that it is totally adaptable, there is no set-in-stone recipe or required ingredients. It makes chai drinking really exciting and completely limitless.

Our in-house blend contains Assam black tea. With its full-bodied flavor, it also contains hints of earthiness with a slightly malty and spicy flavors. Assam is one of my personal favorites and a common ingredient in our blended teas. Delicate rose petals and peppermint leaf are definitely the ambiance of this blend. They mellow out the complex flavors of cardamom, creating slightly fruity notes. Cardamom is one of the most exciting ingredients in Rose Chai, it wraps all of the other ingredients into a perfect little package with its wonderful aroma and versatile flavor notes.

Not quite summer anymore, but also not quite fall. That is the tone this blend is setting for me today and it is always my favorite seasonal transition time to be between. What do you think? Summer or fall?

Drink Rose Chai with steamed milk for a latte feel. Because who doesn’t love chai lattes? Don’t have steamed milk? No problem. I do suggest drinking chai with milk since that is the traditional way to drink it, and the milk brings out a completely different flavor profile than water. So, if you can’t steam the milk then pour it in cold. Cold milk is just as delicious! However you do it, I hope you enjoy it!

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