For those classic black tea lovers, this one is for you. Which famous flavored tea do you think is the most popular? Well, if you’ve read the title of this post you’d know it’s Earl Grey. Winky face. Made with Bergamot oranges that are native to a small stretch of land in Southern Italy. The bergamot flavor provides that traditional flavor we all know and love about Earl Grey. It is known as the world’s most popular flavored tea, and I bet that’s probably true. Today I’m sipping on the cream of the crop, Earl Grey Supreme.

But where did the name Earl Grey come from?

No one really knows for sure, but it’s believed to be named after Charles Grey the 2nd, who served as Prime Minister in the United Kingdom in the 1830s. Apparently he loved adding the oil of the bergamot orange into his tea, and the name stuck.

Traditionally, it’s served with cream. Maybe with a little biscuit, or cookie, or muffin, or cake, or [insert baked good here]. Or if you want to get real fancy, throw some lavender in it for a delicious London Fog. It’s also great over ice as well.

Harney & Son’s Earl Grey Supreme is a mixture of black tea, white tea, oolong and bergamot oil. They use higher grade tea and attribute that to their supreme flavor in this blend. It definitely lives up to its name, it really is supreme. The addition of the silver tips combined with the bergamot sweetens up the flavor more so than other Earl Greys. I’d say it’s definitely a fine tea, just as Harney & Son’s claim. They definitely got this one right, just like they do with most of their blends.

What do you think about Earl Grey? Love it or hate it? Hot or cold? What about London Fog?

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