What a week! Our coffee shop has been closed for over a week due an issue with a water main break. We were hoping to be open by now, but instead we’re being taught a stern lesson in patience. We’re hoping to be back open by the weekend. Fingers crossed! On a happier note, have you ever tried coffee pudding? How about dirty coffee pudding? Dirty coffee is an awesome coffee blend from Rasa with adaptogenic properties, you can read about it here. I used it to make pudding and it turned out great! Combining old and new, I used a traditional pudding recipe with the classic textures and flavors we all love, with a new age coffee that contains adaptogenic benefits. Brilliant, right? Ok, maybe not brilliant, but you know what I mean.

This easy coffee pudding is total dessert comfort food and it is simple to make. Most of the items needed are probably already in your kitchen. So, the next time you’re throwing a dinner party, give coffee pudding a try.

If you make it, let me know what you think in the comments.



  • 2 cups of brewed coffee, chilled
  • 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream, whipped
  • 1/4 cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 egg yolks slightly beaten
  • 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Pinch of Salt


  1. In a large mixing bowl, add 2 egg yolks and slightly beat them. Set aside.
  2. In a large saucepan, whisk together the sugar, flour and salt until combined. Whisk in the coffee until smooth and turn the heat onto medium-high. Continue whisking frequently until the mixture is thick and bubbly.
  3. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 2-3 minutes then remove from heat.
  4. Add the beaten egg yolks to the pan, stirring constantly.
  5. Bring the mixture to a gentle boil and all it to boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly then remove from heat.
  6. Blend in the vanilla extract
  7. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature then fold in the heavy whipping cream
  8. Place the pudding into a large mixing bowl. Refrigerate the mixture for at least an hour

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