Ceylon was the name of a former British colony in present-day Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea, or Sri Lankan tea is harvested in this region. The tea is well known for its bold, full-bodied flavor. It’s brisk and bright with variations of citrus and spice notes. I named this blend Ceylon Spice because of the region the tea was grown but also because of the cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is also known as true cinnamon. It comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree found in Sri Lanka. It’s different than Cassia cinnamon, which is typically the cinnamon found in supermarkets. Generally Cassia is known to be of a lower quality than Ceylon. Ceylon cinnamon is more delicate and a higher quality. It has a milder flavor and is preferred for culinary purposes as well as for the flavoring of medicinal products.

Orange peel and clove tie up the Ceylon tea and Ceylon cinnamon in such a beautiful way. It’s a classic cup of black tea, with that extra special something that Ceylon tea provides. If you love black tea, I’d definitely suggest to try this premium blend.

I love a cup of Ceylon Spice in the morning. Its brisk flavor is perfect for that morning first cup. Also, the caffeine definitely puts some pep in your step in the morning. I love it both hot and cold. When drinking it cold, I like to squeeze a bit of lemon into it to help bring out the citrus notes of the tea. When drinking it hot I like to add a smidge of almond milk for a smoother cup.

My favorite thing about being a tea maker is the creativity it requires. With the endless amounts of ingredients to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming at times. But when I think of creating such a special blend such as this one, it reminds me that there is a ton of beauty and nuance in simplicity and I’m often reminded of that while sipping on this blend.

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