Assam is a state in India that produces Assam tea. They have thousands of tea gardens and produce a unique flavor that is found in Earl Grey and English Breakfast blends. It is the largest tea industry in India, making about 50% of total Indian tea. It has a full-bodied flavor that is malty and earthy. The deep, rich flavor has a hint of spice, which in my opinion makes it unique. Today I am sipping on Assam combined with peppermint, I like to call it Assam Mint.

The delicate peppermint leaf goes perfectly with the unique notes of Assam. It’s somewhat muted and offers a subtle sweetness to the tea. It’s a popular blend at our shop. Our customers love the simplicity of it with the classic flavor the Assam tea brings.

I like to drink Assam mint served hot with a few drops of agave nectar. The nectar mixes well with the hot water and it really accentuates the sweetness of the peppermint. It’s also great with honey or simple syrup.

Sweetened or unsweetened?

To add more punch to the tea, add flavored simple syrup. For example, try lavender simple syrup for light and airy floral undertones. Peppermint flavored simple syrup adds more peppermint flavor. Lemon simple syrup adds a gentle bitterness that pairs well with the malty undertones of the Assam. The options are endless.

I also like to add a few drops of warmed almond milk for good measure. I’m normally a hot water and tea ball type of tea drinker, but sometimes adding milk to tea creates a wholesome home-y vibe. I’m totally into it.

What’s your favorite type of black tea? For those Assam lovers out there, where do you normally get it? I’d love to know your favorite companies that sell single original Assam. I’m always on the look out for fantastic tea!

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