About Nicole


The recipes, crafts and ideas you’ll find here are inspired by my love of tea. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, I grew up surrounded by the beautiful abundance of plant life and it made a huge impression on me. I unintentionally submerged myself into learning about the nuances of plants and it eventually brought me to my life as a tea-maker.

Moving on to a quaint New England town in Mystic, Connecticut, things get shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local coffee and tea shop in town announced they were closing after 30-years in business. I came up with a crazy idea to keep that space an active business where the community can still get tea and coffee. Lamplighter Trading Company was born in 2020. A few years later, we’re still rolling with the punches and I’ve made a life for myself blending, packaging, selling, photographing and writing about humans drinking plants. Tea continues to inspire and excite me to this day and I hope to share it here with you.